How To Choose The Perfect Bridal Bouquet

How To Choose The Perfect Bridal Bouquet

How To Choose The Perfect Bridal Bouquet

Choose your bouquet after decided your bridal dress

 The good timing for you to beginning choose your bridal bouquet is after you decided your wedding dress and ceremony details, then you will have directions to select the flowers that match your wedding's tones  and atmosphere.

 Even though the variety and colors are the elements that brides will thinking of first, but other details are equally important, you need to weigh all details of the bouquet, from the shape, size to such as ribbons, etc. Your decisions will set the tone for other flowers on your wedding as well.

Color / tone

 Not all the bouquet are composition by one similar color tone, just like not all wedding dresses are simply in white.

 Considering the various colors of your wedding dress, your bouquet also can be in a variety of colors flowers, just ensure they are looks coordinated, won't clash with the main tone of your wedding and color of the background.



 The main tone of your ceremony will help your to decided the style of your bouquet. Your ceremony is formal or tends to casual?

Traditional weddings often need match the classic blooms in classic colors, and complex structure.

 Casual style ceremony will conducive to brightly colored flowers constitute seemingly random bunch of flowers, or a non traditional bouquets with rustic elements. Casual ceremony have more possibility of the attempt, carefully collocation will make your wedding more refined

Bouquet not only need match with dress and ceremony, also need match your other details, like your bridesmaids, if they wear a rose flowers bracelets or other flower elements, will be consort for your bouquet.


Shape and size

 Wedding bouquets has various sizes and shapes.

 Some bouquets are small and sweet, and some are large and gorgeous. Match the size and shape of your bouquet with your dress is important. Like you don't pick a large size bouquet for a small size dress, because it will make your dress looks disproportionate.


Know your flowers

 When you choosing the flowers you may want to knowing the meanings of certain flowers. For example, the hydrangea means perseverance, white roses suggest virtue and chastity, and yellow roses stand for  devotion. 

 Also, you need avoid some flowers which contain the negative meanings.


Each bouquet reflect the personal preferences,

Enjoy to try the flowers you like and the colors you like.

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